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Compiled by Marsha Jones.

I’ve received a number of letters and e-mails asking for a list such as this to be included in the books. This is not, unfortunately, possible. However, Marsha and DAW have said I can make this list (compiled for me as a reference source for the series) available here. For those who don’t know, Marsha is involved in the editing process of my novels at every stage.

So for those of you who want to know exactly what a crolla is, or where demon fish live, or which major character met who where, here it is. I have edited it in an effort to not cause Spoilers to those who haven’t read the whole series.



Earth Human
Keissian Human
mixed Leska
offspring of mixed Leskas
ancient times
third member of Triad

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A to J


Accommodation Guild – II-347, Guild that provides accommodation that are not specific to any one guild in every town.
Accommodation Guild Houses – II-378
Alan Meredith (KH, m) I- 43, two brothers – Ted and Bill.
Aldatan Clan – one of the 16 Telepath Clans, Liege is Rhyasha Aldatan, Liegen is Kusac, color black (now 17) when worn as outer robe.
Alien Relations Guild – I-204

All Guilds Council – III-53
All-Guilds Council – II-545
Allied Worlds – I-206
Allied Worlds Council – I-127
AlRel – II-7, officially accepted abbreviation for Sholan Alien Relations Guild.

Anders (KH, m) – I-201, member of Eureka’s crew, member of the guerrillas, blue eyes, curly fair hair.
Anirra (S, m) – III-344, medic serving Fyak.
Annuur (B, m) – V-7, Head of Cabbaran navigation sept on Profit, indentured crew with Tirak.
Annie (KH, f) – I-41, barmaid at Valleytown Inn.
Arnor (J, m) – IV- 452, Lord Killian’s apothecary.

Arrazo Telepath Clan – III-307
arrise – II-624, strong, intoxicating Sholan beverage, used in the days before psychic suppressant drugs were available and before Telepathy became the science it is today.
Artificers Guild – III-241
Ashok Chazoun (S, m, t) – V-134, chosen as betrothed for Kitra.
Askad (S, m, t, L) – II-8, member of Leska pair stationed on Khalossa, Leska to Rhian.

Assadou Chikoi (C, m) – IV- 543, trader.
Attitude Indoctrination sessions – II-107
aura scan – II-367
autovid – II-592, self propelling aerial video camera that follows news reporters.
Azkuu (S, f, t) – V-120, Clan Leader on Council of Seventeen Clans (telepath ruling council).


Banner (S, m) – V-263, Brotherhood member, sword-brother and Companion to Jurrel, bodyguard to Brynne.
Belamor (J, m) – IV- 228, mage to Lord Killian, gaunt, gray hair, olive skin, dark blue eyes.
Bill Meredith (KH, m) – I- 42, two brothers – Ted and Alan.
bio-feed – IV- 526
bio-monitor – IV- 604 monitors life signs of a patient.

bio-readings – IV- 502
bio-sensor – IV- 517 monitors life signs, can be worn or implanted.
birther – III- 571, midwife.
Blood-rite Challenge – I-132, a Challenge fight to the death, the only such in Sholan law, Telepaths are exempt from this Challenge.
Bob (EH, m) – III- 746, archeologist at Valsgarth.

bond-daughter – II-581 daughter by virtue of life-bonding contract. (daughter in law).
Bradogan (J, m) – III-25, title Lord, Port Lord.
Brotherhood – II-69, see Brotherhood of Vartra.

Brotherhood of Vartra – II-88, Sub-Guild of Warriors Guild, has two leaders: one warrior and one priest, gray uniform with red and black flash over the shoulders worn when on active duty priestly black rob worn at other times or when attached to the priestly side of the sub-Guild, achieves full Guild status after accepting the mixed Leska pairs III-?. After achieving full Guild status, the uniforms have a black stripe on the grey Active Duty jacket, and after gaining En’Shalla status, a purple stripe is added to the greys and the black robe to denote their psi abilities. The black stripe is dropped.

Brynne Stevens (EH, m, t, ML) – II-463, Leska to Vanna Kyjishi (II-536), curly dark shoulder length hair, pleasant face with close cropped mustache and beard, gray-blue eyes.
Building Guild – III-262
burn his memory – V-317, Valtegan curse as they bury the dead.


c’shar – I-105, Sholan hot beverage.
Cabbars – IV- 554, alien race that helped build space port on Jalna.
cadduh shells – III-353, crushed to obtain the purple dye for Telepaths.

Carrie Hamilton (KH, f, t, ML) I-7, Twin sister Elise, brother Richard, father Peter, mother died on trip to Keiss, age 23 at start of first book, hair long blond, eyes brown, acquired vertical pupils and nictating inner lids to eyes with narrow amber ring around pupil II-205, aka Liegena Carrie. life mated to Kusac II-503.

Cassandra Project – II-569, Earth project that rented out its services to help find missing persons, etc. by use of psi abilities.
Cataclysm, the – II-72 happened about 1500 years previously, nearly destroyed Sholan civilization, much was lost and virtually nothing is known about the Cataclysm or the time preceding it, caused by Valtegan warship crashing into smaller moon, explosion caused debris to shower down on Shola.

Centralnet – II-591, news network on Shola.
Chaamga (S, m) – III-735, Rrurto’s father, former Chief Elder of tribes.
Chaazu (S, m) – II-5, Sub-Commander on Khalossa, in charge of ground troops.
Chafsu (S, m) – III-257, Guild Master of Science Guild.
Chagda Point – II-515 space station above Shola. Everything on and off-world goes through it.

Chagda Station – I-238, mercantile and military space station orbiting Shola.
Chaidda Kaijan (S, m, t) – V-387, his Clan Leader.
Chaidu (S, f) – III-355, Councillor.
Chakku (S, m, anc) – III-691, one of Goran’s soldiers protecting the monastery and Vartra.
Chakuu Mining Corporation moonbase – IV- 580 moon where Jeran and co. were working.

Challa Kayal (S, f, t) – IV- 174, widow, two kitlings, mate proposed for Esken, first mate was an Aldatan telepath who was interpreter killed in accident on starship

Challenge system I-104
Changu (S, f) – II-395, AlRel student, friend of Taizia.
Chay (S, m, t) – III-228, killed by Fyak’s supporters.
Chazoun Guild – II-279
Chekoi (S, m, t) – III-351, Clan Leader of Kyushu Clan.

Cheku – II-6, Sholan battleship in fleet sent to Keiss to combat Valtegans.
Chelgo (S, m, anc) – III-709 soldier of Goran’s.
Chemer – I-130, alien race (aka Chemerians), member of Alliance, trading partners of Sholans, small, furred, arboreal, large dark eyes, semicircular ears set to either side of face, paranoid, arrogant, and timid.

Chen (S, m) – II-11, Sub-Commander, Tactics, on Khalossa.
Chena (S, f) – II-605, Vanna’s assistant.
Che’Quul (S, m,) – III-517, main house attendant on Aldatan Estate. (UnTalented).
Chertoi (S, m) – III-248, leader of Claws Pack.
Chezy – III-380, called Khezy’ipik by the Valtegans, site of their hatchery in pre Cataclysm days.

Chijuu Liokso (C, m) – III-178, owner of Summer Bounty.
Chima (S, m) – II-148, pilot, member of Brotherhood of Vartra.
Chiort (S, m) – II-236, head of Medical on Khalossa, title Consultant.
Chisoe (S, f, t) – V-74, classmate of Kitra.
Chy’qui (PV, m) V-453, Doctor, Head medical research on Kz’adul, Tall one, wore gray robe, and one of three Counselors to Emperor.

City of Light – V-446, Palace city of the Primes.
Couana – V-521, Touiban ship lent to Brotherhood.
Chiyak – III-689, ancient city, site of third temple.
Choa (S, f) – III-45, Rhyasha’s cook.
Chuz (S, m) – II-7, Chief Commander of Sholan High Command, aka Commander-in-Chief, aka President of Sholan High Command.

Chya (S, m, t) – IV- 450, youngling acolyte of Ghyan’s at Shrine.
Chyad (S, m) – II-28, leader of Sholan conspirators on Khalossa, in Engineering, killed by Kaid after attempting to murder Kusac II- 617.
Chyal (S, m) – III-321, member of Brotherhood of Vartra, Ghezu’s bodyguard.
Clan Heir – II-145, heir to a Clan.
Clan Leader – II-57, leader of a Clan.

Clan Leader Vailkoi (S, m, t) – II-355, Rala’s father.
Clan Lord – II-82, elected leader of Sixteen Combined Telepath Clans, Becomes 17 in book III.
Clans – I-103
clansmales – IV- 230, males of a clan.
Claws Pack – III-250 street gang in Ranz city in the Dzahai mountains.

Commissioner of the Protectorate – II-418 head of Sholan police force.
Communications Guild – II-56, Guild color is green.
comp pad – II-516, a hand held computer type pad.
Companion – II- ?, a publicly acknowledged lover.
Conrad (EH, m, t) – IV- 109, tall, shoulder length curly brown hair, small mustache, youthful appearance.

Consolidator of the Specialized Leska Unit – III-36, Konis Aldatan
Consortia – IV- 140, a professional, highly trained companion of either sex who is often employed as host or hostess for large functions.
Consortia Houses – IV- 163 House which trains Consortias of both sexes.
Contact Deprivation – II-75, when Leskas are separated beyond the fifth day.
Council Administrators – II-581

Council Marriage Hearing – I-62
Council of Clans – II-359
Council of the Sixteen Telepath Clans – II-429, Ruling body of Telepath Clans, becomes 17 Clans in III.
Counselors – I-87
Craft Guilds – II-378

cross-guild knowledge – II-66 Guilds normally guard closely their Guild and craft secrets.
Crossing, the – I-105, Terrans name for journey to Keiss.


Def level one – V-90, U’Churian defense levels.
Dzaio Kyushu (S, m, t) – V-389, Clan Leader.
Dzaou (S, m) – V-538, Brotherhood Sleeper at Haven, tan colored.
Dagla – III-271, the name of a guard tarnach at Jalna spaceport.
Daira (S, m) – IV- 153, a 9 year old orphan fostered with Ruth.

David Elliot (KH, m) – I-51, Carrie’s rejected suitor.
Davies (KH, m) – I-176, member of Eureka’s crew, member of the guerrillas.
Delta One – II-63, Sholan fighter craft lost against M’ijikk.
demon fish – IV-171, poisonous fish found off north coast, used for oil for burns, the inflated skin is used as a lantern to frighten off demons during mid-winter celebrations.
Department for Intellectual Development – III-353, Education is done by Guilds so this is a scholars Guild.

Dhaika (S, m. t) – III-368, Guardian of Vartra’s Retreat.
Dillan Powell (EH, m, t, ML) – IV-469, Leska is Nikuu.
Diplomatic Guild – III-255, Not actually a Guild but all senior members of Sholan World Council are on it, like Head of AlRel etc.
Draz (S, m) – II-6, Sub-Lieutenant on Khalossa, member of bridge crew.
Druthi (S, m) – II-591, Infonet news reporter.

Durvan (J, m) – IV- 17, steward to Lord Killian on Jalna.
Dzahai Mountains – II-337
Dzahai Stronghold – II-173, home of Brotherhood of Vartra.
Dzaka (S, m, empath) – II-54, member of Brotherhood of Vartra, lay priest on Khalossa, cub name Dzakayini, mate Nnya and cub Khyaz killed on Szurtha, gray brindled fur, green eyes, father (foster and biological) Kaid Tallinu, mother Khemu Arrazo, lover of Kitra Aldatan.

dzinea – IV- 491, heavenly males and females who come to those rewarded by Vartra, or are sent to tease the overly pious: a term of endearment used by Kaid for Carrie. Also name for all djinn-like helpers of Sholan pantheon.

Dzio (S, m, t) – IV-399, youngling acolyte at Ghyan’s shrine on Valsgarth estate.
Dzyash Liosoe (S, m) – IV-512, Forces Medic on Shanagi Project, killed by Kezule during his escape.


Emperor M’iok’kul – (V, m) V-316, Emperor of M’zull, M’ezozakk’s.
Emperor Cheu’ko’h (PV, m) V-532, Primes’ Emperor.
Edwards (KH, m) – I-201, member of Eureka’s crew, member of the guerrillas.
Elise Hamilton (KH, f, t) I-7, Twin sister Carrie, brother Richard, father Peter, mother died on trip to Keiss, killed by Valtegans – I-11.
energy pulse pistol – II-87

En’Shalla Challenge – II-452, must be fought by the two interested parties, result is in the hands of the gods, is to first blood only.
En’Shalla Clan – III-59
Erasmus – I-117, second Earth colony ship sent to Keiss, en route during first book.
Esken (S, m, t) – II-173, Guild Master of Telepath Guild, based in Valsgarth, title Master. Retires after heart trouble in IV.
Eureka – >I-53, human colony ship, now mostly dismantled for materials.
Exotics – IV- 143, slang for Consortia.

eye ridges – I-196


Fall – V-511, Fall of Empire – Valtegan Prime name for Cataclysm they suffered because of Sholan telepaths.
Falma (S, m) III-638, Konis’ aide in AlRel.
Fayal (S, m) V-408, Forces soldier guarding estates, killed by feral felines.
Faikal (S, m) – II-380, dissident on Shola.
Faisal (J, m) – IV- 617, Jalnian caravan owner.

Faithful, the – III-88, disciples of Fyak.
faka juice – III-376, is an aphrodisiac for Sholans, that suppresses the females’ ability to control conception.
Falma (S, m, m) – III-638, member of AlRel, temporarily assigned to Valsgarth archaeology team.
Farak (S, m) – III-393, sub-Commander.
Fazzu (S, m) – IV-499, physician.

Ferraki hills – III-369, site of oldest Green Goddess temple.
Fire Margins – III-50, Time and area of fire and disaster belonging to the days of the Cataclysm.
Fleet Pack – III-248, Fleet gang in Ranz.
Forestgate – III-338, Jalnian town
Fryak (S, m) – III-241, Master of Manufacturing Guild.

Fyak (S, m) – III-206, aka the Prophet, the Word of Kezule: long mane of tan hair, narrow face, wears torc with green jewel.


Ghaysa – (S, f, t) V-74, classmate of Kitra.
Ghaysa – V-273, Noni’s name for Keeza.
Ghyasha – V-216, lowland city where main temple of Ghyakulla is.
Galrayin – IV-586, Jalnian town, home of Lord Tarolyn.
Garras Janagu (S, m, tri) – I-94, captain of Sirroki, ex-member of Brotherhood of Vartra, former special operative hired by Telepath Guild to assess rogue talents, mate to Vanna, triad third to Vanna and Brynne, was sword-brother to Kaid (busy little fellow, wasn’t he?).

Geshader – I-7, domed Valtegan pleasure city on Keiss.
gestalt Link – II-200, first accidentally invoked by Carrie, resulting in temporary shape change for her and Kusac, permanent result to her eyes with vertical slitted pupils, nictating lids.
Ghaikkuir base – II-301, Valtegan military base on Keiss.
Ghezu (S, m) – II-69, title Leader, Sub-Guild Master, joint leader with Father Lijou of the Brotherhood of Vartra, talents-glamour and receiving.
G’hiled (S, f) – II-395, AlRel student, friend of Taizia.

Ghomig (S, m) – III-34, clan leader in Ghuulgul Desert.
Ghomig nomads – III-313-314
Ghuulgul Desert – II-531, desert region on Shola.
Ghyakulla – IV-165, aka Green Goddess.
Ghyan (S, m, t) – II-346, friend to Kusac, priest of Vartra in temple in Valsgarth, tall, brown eyes, wide cheekbones, ears smaller than average but wide, moves to Valsgarth Estate as priest/teacher.

Giyesh (U, f) – IV-589, comms operator of the Profit.
Goddess of Shola – III-351, aka Green Goddess, aka Ghyakulla.
God-King – IV-502, title of Valtegan Emperor.
God-Vision – II-55, vision sent by a God.
Goran (S, m, anc) – III-407, was a soldier before Valtagans

Grade – I-107, Sholan professional ranking system.
Green Goddess – II-447, Mother of the World, looks after the creatures of nature and after cubs.
Green Goddess Inn – II-393
Green Seeds of New Regret – III-423, name in ancient Telepath Guild records for la’quo stones.
Greg (EH, m) – III-602, archaeologist at Valsgarth Estate.

groundcar – I-174
Guild Masters – 18 of them in All Guilds Council.
Guild Mother – II-354, female in a Guild house who looks after younger members.
Guild of Artisans – II-447, Artists and craftsfolk of all types.
Guild of Medics – I-104

Guilds – I-103
Guynor Chanda (S, m) – I-77, first officer of Sirroki, tan fur, born on Khyaal, executed in II for mutiny.


Haven – V-383, Brotherhood Outpost near Jalnian/Chemerian space, was once ancient Valtegans’, part of their defensive network for their empire.
hive – V-304, where Touiban swarms go to breed, are in the center of their cities and no aliens allowed near them.
Hall of Remembrance – II-57, in Governor’s Palace on Shola.
Hanaz (S, m) – III-136, aide to Governor Nesul.
Haram (J, m) – IV-575, Jalnian Lord.

Head Priest – IV-40, Title of Father Lijou, Guild Master of Priests and co-ruler of Brotherhood.
Healer – I-182
Hillfort – I-39, human mining settlement on Keiss.
Hkariyash – IV-497, Sumaan spaceship used for Jalna mission, Captain is Kishasayzar.
Holy Object – II-62, mysterious object sacred to some, at least, present day Valtegans, actually stasis cube containing 2 pre-Cataclysm Sholans.

House – IV-44, see Consortia.
House of Khaimoe – IV-320, Consortia House in Ranz.
Hughes (KH, m) – I-201, member of Eureka’screw, member of the guerrillas, medic.
hunter/kill mode – II-46 when a Sholan targets his/her prey. Is extremely difficult state to come out of without killing.
huntersight – II-45 tunnel vision that comes autonomically into force when prey targeted.

Hunting – II-44
hypoderm gun – I-140 pressurized hypodermic.


Infonet – II-574, news network on Shola.


J’kirtikk – V-316, Valtegan world with whom the M’zullians are at war.
Jack Reynolds (KH, m) I-10, doctor to Valleytown and surrounding area, short, slightly tubby, thick curly gray-brown hair, bearded/ A tall Pan-like person.
Jafaya (S, m) – III-256, Governor of surviving Sholan colony world of Khoma.
Jainie (J, f) III-563, tavern girl.
Jaisa (S, f) – II-322, kitling who collides with Carrie in Valsgarth shopping area.

Jaisa (S, f, t, anc) III-680, friend of Zashou.
Jakule (S, m) – II-30, trooper, one of conspirators on Khalossa.
Jalna – III-117, humanoid occupied world traded on by Chemerians and several other species, unknown to Sholans till now, local culture roughly medieval, natives (who resemble humans) are prone to erratic bouts of violence.
James Blackwell (EH, m) – II-301, came to Keiss on Erasmus.
Janahi (S, m, t) – II-204, Sholan interpreter on Khalossa.

Jayed (S, m, t) – II-476, brother to Vanna, mate to Kikho, Grade Three telepath.
jegget – II-182, Sholan small furred telepathic animal with bushy tail as long as body, pet to Kris in IV and also Brynne in V.
Jeran Khesrey (S, m) – III-3, Valtegan captive sold to Jalnians, Life Support engineer from Szurtha, pale fur, becomes lover of Giyesh in IV.
Jim Healey (KH, m) – I-47, killed by Valtegans I-48.
Jinoe (S, f, t, L) – II-527, kitling, member of anomalous Leska Pair from Ghuulgul desert, Leska Rrai, dark brown eyes, light tan pelt.

Jissoh (S, f, t) – IV- 241, member of Brotherhood of Vartra, recruited at same time as L’Seuli.
Jiszoe (S, f) – IV- 89, Jack Reynolds’ Companion.
J’koshuk (V, m) – III-1, title Priest, a member of an order of torturer priests not unlike the Inquisitors.
Jo Edwards (KH, f, latent t) – I-61, member of Eureka’s crew, member of the guerrillas, language expert, short hair, forms Triad relationship with Rezac and Zashou on Jalna.
Joaylah (S, m, t) – II-390, priest of Vartra in temple in Nazule.

John Innes (KH, m) – I-47
Jordan (EH, m) – II-301, Captain of Erasmus, Earth’s second wave colony ship to Keiss.
Jorto (S, m, t) – II-421, truthsayer.
Josh Lewis (EH, m, tri) – IV-322, archeologist at Valsgarth Estate, father of Mara’s cub, third to Mara and Zhyaf, sandy hair, dark brows, beard.
jotha – IV- 591, luxury fabric sold on Jalna, produced by U’Churians. Juilmi Rraoud (S, f) – IV- 320, Consortia.

Jurrel (S, m,) – V-68, Brotherhood member, sword-brother and Companion to Banner, bodyguard and lover to Brynne.
Jyarti (S, m, t) – III-232, title Father, predecessor to Lijou as religious leader of Brotherhood of Vartra.

K – M


Kadulah Aldatan (S, f, t) – II-202, deceased female telepath, whose death in a Challenge resulted in current laws regarding telepaths being immune from Challenge.
Kaedoe (S, m) – II-28, one of conspirators on Khalossa, killed by Dzaka at Kaid’s order (knifed) II-214.
Kaerdhu (S, m) – III-200, storyteller, started new technique of having people on stage to portray story as it is told.
Kaeshala – V-217, Main continent of Shola where the Valsgarth estate is.
Kaibah (S, m) – III-480, member of Brotherhood of Vartra.

Kaid Tallinu (S, m, t, tri) – II-69 (as Tallinu), II-99 (as Kaid), ex-member of Brotherhood of Vartra, foster father and biological father of Dzaka, former special operative hired by Telepath Guild to assess rogue talents, brown fur, darker brown hair swept back between ears, brown eyes, registered member of Triad with Carrie and Kusac.

Kaladar – III-278, Jalnian town to which Valtegan stasis cube is taken.
Kara (S, f,) – II-474, One of Vanna’s sisters.
Kashini (S/H, f, t) – III-227, daughter of Carrie and Kusac, conceived En’Shalla.
Kate Harvey (KH, f, t, ML) – IV-445, member of second wave of colonists from Earth that landed after Keiss was freed from Valtegans, Leska Taynar Arrazo.
Kathan’s beard – IV-444, U’Churian oath – Kathan is their Holy Prophet.

Keeza Lassah (S, f) – IV-139, convicted murdered, memory blocked and set with Kezule in an attempt to gain information from him, tabby brown hair, gray eyes.
Keiss – I-30, human colony world settled about 12 years before start of first book, conquered by Valtegans 10 years before start of first book.
Kesh (PV, m) IV-? data engineer on Kz’adul.
Kezule (V, m, anc) – III-656, Commander in charge of unit guarding Valtegan hatchery at Khezy’ipik.
Kezule, God of the Sun – II-526, also God of Fire – III-206.

Khafsa (S, m, t) II-370, physician at Telepath Guild in Valsgarth.
Khaimoe (S, f) – IV- 140, Consortia House owner.
Khalma – III-624, ancient Sholan city.
Khalmi (S, m, t, L) – II-524, Leska is Nikuu.
Khalossa – I-71, Sholan survey ship, mothership to Sirroki among others.

Kha’Qwa (S, f) – III-529, Sister of Brotherhood of Vartra, Companion to Lijou, mated in IV, flame curls, titian fur.
Khartu Rakula (S, f) – IV-149, sister to Zhyaf.
Khas’ih Rakula (S, f, t) – V-387, Clan Leader.
Khay (S, m) II-30, one of conspirators on Khalossa, killed II-174 in explosion in shuttle bay organized by Kaid.
Khayla (S, f) – IV-199, cub of Taizia and Meral.

Khayle Laasoi (S, f, t) – V-387, Clan Leader.
Kheal (S, m,) – V-383, Brotherhood member, Captain of Haven Outpost.
Khemu Arrazo (S, f, t) – III-165, mother to Dzaka, pale gray hair and fur, bright blue eyes, small and slim, dying of wasting sickness in Rhijudu village.
Kheszi (S, m) – II-150, dealer in smoke and other drugs on the Khalossa.
Khezy’ipik – III-380, Valtegan name for Chezy, site of their hatchery in pre Cataclysm days.

Khoenga (S, m, t) – II-279, Mentor.
Khoesh Tribe – III-313
Kholgou (S, m) V-538, Brotherhood Sleeper at Haven.
Khoma – II-57, surviving Sholan colony world, governor is Jafaya.
Khomi (S, m) – III-353, Councillor, sub-Guild Master, Department for Intellectual Development.

Khuushoi – III-462, Goddess of Winter, consort to Liege of Hell, L’Shoh.
Khy (S, m) – IV- 199, member for Brotherhood of Vartra.
Khyaal – II-25, one of the two Sholan colony worlds destroyed by the Valtegans.
Khyim (S, m, anc) – III-693
Kidoah nomads – III-314

Kiju’iz – IV-265, Valtegan world on which Kezule hatched.
Kikho (S, f) – II-474, mate of Jayed, pregnant.
Killian (J, m) – III-566, Lord of Kalador.
Kimin (S, f, t, anc) – III-408, Doctor.
kirris – IV-603, Chemerian drink, strong spirit.

Kishasayzar (M, m) – IV-497, Captain of Hkariyash.
Kitra Aldatan (S, f, t) – II-433, youngest child of Konis and Rhyasha, older siblings Kusac and Taizia, amber eyes, pale gold fur and hair.
Kolem (S, m) – II-3, Sub-Commander on Khalossa.
Konis Aldatan (S, m, t) – II-8, Lord of combined Sixteen Telepath Clans, (now 17) head of Alien Relations, member of Sholan High Council, father to Kusac, Taizia, and Kitra, husband to Rhyasha, eyes green tinged amber, pelt blue black like son’s.

Kora (EH, f, t, ML) – IV-469, Leska to Tamghi.
Kris Daniels (EH, m, t) – III-173, shoulder length fair hair held by suede headband, preferred garb t-shirt, jeans and open sandals, pet jegget named Scamp.
krolla – III-75, Sholan animal like a crocodile, used to denote lots of teeth.
Kubi’h oasis – III-313
Kusac Aldatan (S, m, t, ML) – I-13, Leska to Carrie, used last name Alda to enlist under, pretended to be grade five telepath under that identity, Liegen of Valsgarth Estate, Telepath First Grade, Sisters Taizia and Kitra, mother Rhyasha , father Konis, fur black, amber eyes.

Kuushala – North polar area of Shola (not yet mentioned in books)
KX1311 – II-3, Sholan designation for Keiss.
Kysubi – II-453, town.
Kysubi Plains – II-71, on Shola.
K’oish’ik – V-56, Prime homeworld.

Kz’adul – V-445, Prime destroyer which captures the Profit and M’ijikk.
Kzizysus (L, m) V-403, Doctor of bio-engineering on Profit.
kzu-shu – IV- 108, a red-mist warrior state, berserker.


laalgo – IV- 504, coma like state used by Valtegan warriors for healing and hibernating.
laalgo level – IV- 02, a mental state necessary to go into laalgo coma.
Lydda (S, f) V-541, Brotherhood member, aide to L’Seuli on Haven.
laalquoi – IV- 185, Valtegan spice (dietary supplement), plant extract that has mood altering effects.
Laasoi – III-209

Laasoi Guildhouse – II-531, Telepath Guild House at Laasoi.
Ladies’ Sewing Circle – I-38, aka the Gossip Shop, meet in Valleytown Inn on Tues and Thurs afternoons.
Laesu (S, f) – II-395, AlRel student, friend of Taizia, slim.
la’quo – III-524, psychotropic drug obtained from Chemerians (they use it as an aphrodisiac), Valtegan in origin.
Lasad (S, m) – III-154, member of Brotherhood of Vartra.

Lawson (KH, m) – II-44
Layul (S, m, anc) – III-409, nurse working with Dr. Kimin.
Leader of a Hundred Swarms – II-327, high Touiban rank.
Lebbu (S, m) – III-251, member of Fleet Pack.
Leska – I-67 a mental partner – see below.

Leska Link – I-? A pair of people with a mental and physical link for life.
Leska pair – I-234 a pair of people of opposite sex linked mentally and physically for life.
Lhafsa oasis – III-313 desert oasis on Shola.
Lhea (S, f) – II-568, Sister, assigned to Vanna and/or Brynne as bodyguard.
Liegen – II- 137, male child of a Liege (clan leader), not just the heir; Liegena is female.

life pod – I-71
life-bond – II-356
Life-bonding Challenge – II-492
lifemate – II-389
life-mate – I-75

Lijou Kzaelan (S, m, t) – II-71, title Father, chief priest of Vartra, Sub-Guild Master of Brotherhood of Vartra, status equal with Ghezu, life mate Kha’Qwa; Master of Guild of Priests in VI.
Limping Jegget Inn – II-560
Link – I-137
Link deprivation – II-472 when Leska’s are separated mentally or physically they suffer physical symptoms.
Litany of Preparation – IV-450 prayers of concentration the Brotherhood say.

Loed (S, m) – II-71, Ghezu’s predecessor as Warrior Leader of Brotherhood of Vartra.
Lokki (S, m) – III-528, young, runs errands for Noni.
Loshul – II-301, probably Valtegan individual.
L’Seuli (S, m) – III-88, member of Fyak’s elite guard, member of Brotherhood of Vartra working under cover, average height, stocky, sandy pelt, becomes aide to Rhyaz.
Lyarto plains – III-314

Lynn Fielding (EH, f, t, ML) – II-473, age 16, dies with her Leska Raill because she is too afraid to accept the bond.
Leohl Naekoh (S, f) – V-268, Dzahai village elder.
Lossa Faezou (S, f, t) – V-387, Clan Leader.


M’ikkule (PV, f) – V-532, mistress to Prince Zsurtul.
Maikoi (S, m) – V-538, Brotherhood Sleeper at Haven.
maush – V-445, Valtegan herb tea, calmative effect.
mind-dead, aka brain-dead – a non-telepath or one whose Talent is destroyed.
Mistress Tokui Mnyasu (S, f, t) – V-197, Head Priestess of Ghyakulla – Formerly Sister Tokui. Elderly, green eyes, high arched eyeridges, rounded ears, swept back mid-length hair, nung blossom ear studs at outer edge of ears, hair brown/black with flecks of light blond of age, wear green shades of clothing.

Mnae Kayan (S, f, t) – V-387, Clan Leader.
M’ezozakk (V, m) – II-60, General, commanding M’ijikk, born on M’zull.
M’ijikk – II-60, Valtegan spaceship escaped from Keiss space with Sholan captives and mysterious artifacts aboard.
m’ikkoe – II-69, intoxicating Chemerian beverage.
M’Zio (S, m) – IV-326, one of Vanna’s nurses.

M’zull – II-60, Valtegan world.
M’Zushi – IV-107, family that fostered Kaid when he arrived in the future as a cub.
Mabu’h (S, m) – IV-156, Consortia who is Keeza’s room mate.
Maeshou (S, f, t) – IV-575, Sorli’s aide.
Maikoe (S, f) – II-28, one of conspirators on Khalossa, pilot of Alanti (probably scouter), killed in crash on Keiss II-218.

Mandy Brown (EH, F, t) – IV-172, daughter of Ruth Brown, age 12.
Manesh (U, f) – IV-444, security officer and gunner on Rryuk’s Profit.
Manufacturers Guild – III-287
Mara Ryan (EH, f, t, ML) – III-154, age probably about 19, immature, dark hair, fair skin, blue eyes, taller than Carrie by several inches, Leska to Zhyaf.
Marak (S/H, m) – III-434, Vanna and Brynne’s cub, beige fur, minor heart defect requiring surgery soon after birth.

Maran (S, m) – I-213, pilot of Sirroki, killed in Valtegan attack.
Maro (S, m, t, anc) – III-407
Mattie (EH, f) – III-497, younger archaeologist on Valsgarth team.
Maylgu (S, f) – II-630, member of Brotherhood of Vartra, guards Brynne Stevens.
Mayoi Kyusha (S, f, t) – IV-320, life bonded to Sorli.

media-nets – II-271 information and news broadcasting channels on Shola.
Medical Guild – II-348, color – blue.
medikit – I-217
Meeting Point – IV-573, an inn in Jalna’s spaceport where agents and Traders meet.
Meg (KH, f) – I-22, widow, housekeeper to Peter Hamilton.

Mentor – II-74, title given senior telepath on starships like the Khalossa.
Meral (S, m) – II-163, Warrior, assigned as bodyguard to Kusac and Carrie by Kaid, bond-mate to Taizia Aldatan (5 year bond contract), sensitivity to people and surroundings.
Merchants Guild – III-258.
Michaels (EH, m) – III-349, title Doctor, archaeologist.
Mijushy Rhayfso (S, m) – IV-437, son of Warrior Guild Master, a master smith who made the swords Carrie, Kusac and Kaid carry to Jalna.

mind-poisoners – III-207, Fyak’s term for telepaths.
mind-speak – IV- 448
mind-speech – IV- ?
Miosh (S, f, t) – II-178, attendant and friend to Rhyasha Aldatan, later a Guardian.
Mippik (J, m) – III-563, owner of Silver Tree Inn on Jalna.

Miroshi (S, f, t) – III-3, Valtegan captive sold to Jalnians, probably Grade One telepath, truthsayer.
Misuse of Talent charge – I-142
Mito Rralgu (S, f) – I-93, member of Sirroki‘s crew, communications officer, Lieutenant.
Mnoeshi (S, f) – III-349, Guild Master.
Mnya (S, f, t) – II-9, Mentor, head of Telepath’s Guild on Khalossa.

Modernists – II-526 believers in Fyak the mad priest from the desert.
Morgil (J, m) – IV- 617, Port Controller on Jalna.
Mrowbay (U, m) – IV- 444, medic on Rryuk’s Profit.
Mrs. Fielding (EH, f) – II-72, mother of telepath Lynn, middle-aged, produces herbal remedies.
Myaddu (S, f, t) – III-423, previous master of Telepath Guild, probably now deceased.

Myak (S, m, t) – II-3, adjutant to Commander Raguul on the Khalossa, Sub-Lieutenant.
Mzayb’ik (V, m) – III-2, priest of lower status that J’koshuk.

N to R


N’galu (S, f) – II-28, one of the conspirators on Khalossa, killed II-166 in maintenance accident arranged by Kaid.
N’koshoh (PV, f) – V-565, spy who was with Kusac the last night on Kz’adul.
Nara (S, f) – V-382, Brotherhood navigator for Striker Two, L’Seuli’s craft; pilot is Chima.
Ngio (S, m) – V-540, Brotherhood Sleeper at Haven.
Naeul Arrazo (S, m, t) – III-364, current Clan Leader of Arrazo Clan, Khemu’s father.

Naika (S, m) – III-128, General, member of Sholan High Command.
Naira (S, m) – II-524, Warrior.
Naisha (S, f) – II-28, one of the conspirators on Khalossa, killed II-174 in shuttle bay explosion arranged by Kaid.
Nalgalan – IV-157, Eastern continent of Shola.
Nara (S, f) – V-382, Brotherhood navigator for Striker two, L’Seuli’s craft, pilot Chima.

Narwen (J, m) – IV-313, priest, title Father.
Nayash (U, m) – IV-446, pilot of Rryuk’s Profit.
Nayla Kiolma (S, f) – IV-502, Forces linguist, Sub-Lieutenant.
Nazule – II-326, Sholan town across bay from Valsgarth, home of Warriors Guild, contains main hospital for area.
Neban (J, m) – III-27, an animal keeper on Jalna.

Nelson (KH, m) – I-201, member of Eureka’s crew, member of the guerrillas.
Nesul (S, m) – II-581, title Governor (of Shola), elected head of government, member of Diplomatic Guild.
nezzu – IV- 498, Sholan intoxicating drink.
Ngaiu (S, m) – III-263, Guild Master of Administration Guild.
Ngio (S, m) – V-540, Brotherhood Sleeper at Haven.

Niaza (S, m) – II-380, dissident from Rhyaki.
Nickoe (S, f, t) – III-351, Clan Leader.
Nijidi Science Station – III-129
Nijou (S, m) – IV-199, member of Brotherhood of Vartra.
Nikuu (S, f, t, L) – II-524, Leska is Khalmi.

Nikuu Aldatan (S, f, t, ML) – IV- 469, link went wrong and now she is only telepathic with her Human Leska Dillan.
Nishou (S, m, t) – III-230, Mentor of Laasoi Guildhouse.
ni’uzu – II-372, Sholan winter virus.
Nizoh (S, m) – III-251, leader of Runners Pack.
Nnadu (S, m, t) – III-241, Master of Priests subguild.

Nnya (S, f) – II-60, mate of Dzaka, died on Szurtha.
Noni – see Rhuna.
Norris (KH, m) – II-46
Nuada (S, m) – II-55, Lieutenant on Khalossa.
Nuddoh M’Zushi (S, m) – V-262, Kaid’s foster father, and to several other cubs also.

nung blossom – III-91, sacred to Ghyakulla and Vartra, used to make incense.
Nyaam (S, m, anc) – III-407, medical Doctor.
Nyacko Pass – III-241
Nyacko plains – III-314
Nyak (S, m, anc) – III-709

Nyanga (S, m) – III-344, follower of Fyak, executed for military failure.
Nyash (S, m) – III-154, member of Brotherhood of Vartra.
Nyaz (S, m, anc, t) – IV-121, member of Vartra’s research group, seriously injured escaping from Valtegans.
Nylam – III-351, Sholan God of the Hunt.
Nylam’s Dance – IV-229

Nylam’s Day – IV- 187, the day of the Hunt, Sholan holiday.
Ni’Zulhu (S, m) – III-60, in charge of security at Aldatan and Valsgarth Estates.


Oathtakers – I-211
Oceanview – I-39, human mixed sea and land farming settlement on Keiss.
Order of Vartra – III-53
Others, the – II-3, the way Sholans referred to Valtegans before they were located and identified on Keiss.


pachuv – IV-448, bitter U’Churians fruit, like a lime.
Pam Southgate (EH, f) – III-496, archaeologist, leader of team at Valsgarth Estate, bad tempered and arrogant, iron gray hair cut short, pale blue eyes, tall.
Perry (KH, m) – II-45
Peter Hamilton (KH, m) – I-11, Father to Carrie, Elise and Richard, widower, inn keeper Valleytown Inn, leader of the Passive Resistance against Valtegans, dark beard and mustache, starting to gray, lean build, elected Prime Councillor of Keiss after liberation from Valtegans.

Peterson (KH, m) – I-201, member of Eureka’s crew, member of the guerrillas.
plasmagraft – II-622, grafting technique for bad wounds.
Plateau Hills – I-63
Port Controller – IV-550
Profit – IV-552, Rryuk’s Profit, U’Churian trade ship, Captain is Tirak.

Protectors – II-416, police equivalent.
Providers Guild – III-258
psychic inhibitor – II-309 inhibits use of psi abilities.


Q’emgo’h (V, m, anc) – IV- 184, Emperor, God-King.
Q’ozoi (PV, m) V-453, Commander of Kz’adul.
Quin (EH, m, t) – IV-126, one of two humans chosen by Kaid for Jalna mission, 6" shorter than Conrad and a dozen years older, round face, receding hairline, stocky build.
qwenes – II-150, Sholan prostitutes.


Raguul (S, m) – II-3, Captain of Khalossa, rank of Commander
Raiban (S, f) – III-128, General, member of Sholan High Command, head of military intelligence, blunt and tactless.
Railin (J, m) – III-563, storyteller, shoulder length hair, blue eyes, 50 ish, long graying beard and mustache, smokes pipe.
Raill (S, m, t, ML) – II-472, dies because human Leska, Lynn Fielding, cannot accept bond II-496.
rainbow fruit – II-482, star shaped, thick waxy skin, delicately colored flesh shading from lilac to yellow.

Rala Vailkoi (S, f) – II-140, daughter of Vailkoi Clan leader, Kusac’s betrothed, pale gray fur, two years younger than Kusac, killed by Carrie after she declares Death Rite Challenge against her II-615.
Ranz – III-52, Sholan town near Stronghold, infamous for street gangs (packs).
Raul – III-304, fishing town on Nazule Bay.
Rayazou (S, f) – III-364, artist, member of Aldatan Clan.
Raylma (S, m) – III-344, follower of Fyak, executed for military failure.
Refuge – V-415, Brotherhood outpost.

Rezac (S, m, t, L, anc) – III-101, Leska to Zashou, father of Kaid, fur dark brown, long nearly black. In IV, Jo becomes his Triad mate hair, brown eyes, forms Triad link to Jo Edwards on Jalna.
Rhaema Vorkoh (S, f) – II-574, Infonet news reporter.
Rhaid (S, f, t) – III-318, very powerful telepath, former contender for Clan Lord, taken captive by Fyak’s people during attack on Laasoi Guildhouse.
rhakla – II-46, Sholan deerlike animal.
Rhayfso (S, m) – II-422, Guild Master of Warriors Guild.

Rhayna (S, f) – III-538, member of Brotherhood of Vartra.
Rhian (S, f, t, L) – II-8, member of Leska pair stationed on Khalossa.
Rhio (S, m, t) V-217 Guardian lives in far west.
Rhijudu – III-166, village on edge of Ghuulgul dessert where Khemu lived.
Rhijudu Tribe – III-206

Rhioku (S, m, t, anc) – IV- 203, Dr. Medicine of Stronghold, short curling dark brown hair, lighter pelt, long face, low set ears, piercing blue eyes.
Rhudi (S, m) – II-380, dissident from Khalossa, identity assumed by Chyad.
Rhuha (S, m) – III-353, Councillor, Environment Dept.
Rhuna Dzaedoh (S, f, t) – III-91, usually called Noni, non-guild healer, lives near Stronghold, iron gray pelt flecked with traces of original brown, hair snow white worn in single thick braid, brown eyes, old.
Rhuso (S, m, t) – II-54, Telepath Guild Tutor on Khalossa.

Rhyaki – II-128, Sholan spaceship sent to Earth to handle treaty negotiations.
Rhyasha Aldatan (S, f, t) – II-106, Liege of Clan Aldatan, mate to Konis, mother to Kusac, Taizia and Kitra (S, f, t) – II-? amber eyes, lighter amber fur, hair worn long in thin beaded braids.
Rhyaz (S, m) – III-315, member of Brotherhood of Vartra, top tactician in Brotherhood, chosen as replacement for Ghezu as Warrior leader and coGuild Master.
Rhyjidi – III-304, false name used by Kaid to rent vehicle.
Richard Hamilton (KH, m) – I-8, Sisters Carrie and Elise, father Peter, mother died on trip to Keiss, dark beard and mustache, lean build.

Rilgho (S, m) – III-132, General, member of Sholan High Command.
Risho Bay – IV- 144, on Valsgarth estate, east coast.
Risho Point – IV- 144
Rithmomachia – II-296, game Carrie brought from Keiss.
Ross Derwent (EH, m, ?) – III-252, tall, lean, late middle age, brown hair thinning on top, pale blue eyes, Talent measurable but unknown, claims to be guider of souls.

Royal Court – II-62, on Valtegan world M’zull.
Rozoa Mountains – III-314
Rrael (S, m) – II-265, dissident on Khalossa.
Rrai (S, m, t, L) – II-527, kitling, member of anomalous Leska Pair from Ghuulgul desert, hazel eyes, mother Zhiloma, father dead, Leska Jinoe.
Rraysa (S, m) – V-408, Forces soldier guarding Valsgarth estate.

Rreba (S, m) – II – 86, Sub-Commander on Sholan spaceship Khalossa, science officer.
Rrurto (S, m) – III-88, member of Fyak’s elite guard.
Rryabi – II-6, Sholan cruiser in fleet sent to Keiss to combat Valtegans.
Rulla (S, m) – II-148, pilot, member of Brotherhood of Vartra, highlander in prime of life, tan fur, brown eyes, rounded stocky face, ears wider than usual, senses moods of people and whether they are telling the truth, assigned as aide to Zhyaf and Mara, infatuated with Ruth.
Runners Pack – III-250, gang in Ranz.

Ruth Brown (EH, f, t) – IV-151, medium height, fair wavy long hair, Junoesque figure, green eyes, has 12 year old daughter Mandy, runs a halfway house for Carrie, object of Rulla’s infatuation.
Rynara – III-127, Sholan spacecraft at Chagda Station.

S to Z


Sara (EH, f, t) – III-243, lover of Brynne Stevens.
Sarak (J, m) – IV- 575, Jalnian Lord.
Sashti (S, f) – II-475, sister to Vanna, mane of brown and black hair, brown eyes, makes massage oils and owns biggest massage store in Valsgarth.
Sayuk (U, f) – IV-445, navigator on Profit, gunner.
Scamp – III-339, male jegget kept as pet by Kris Daniels, white fur with pale brown markings on ears.

Science Guild – III-257
Seaport – I-31, one of the human settlements on Keiss, site of initial landing.
sept – V-7, four Cabbarans working together.
Serif (S, m, t) – II-98, interpreter on Khalossa.
Sevrin (S, m) – II-163, Warrior, assigned as bodyguard to Kusac and Carrie by Kaid, killed by dissident from Khalossa while defending Kusac in Valsgarth underground vehicle park II-415.

Shaku (S, m) – II-426, Warrior, teacher of edged weapons at Warriors Guild.
Shanka (S, m, t, anc) – IV-117, husband to Zashou.
Sharaaza (M, m) – III-268, Captain of Summer Bounty.
Shaayaisis (M, m) – V-532, Sumaan captain of Couana.
Shayola (S, f) – III-495, warrior.

Sheeowl (U, f) – IV-444, engineer on Profit.
Shola – I-71, Sholan home world.
Sholan High Command – I-82
Shrine Room – II-60, on M’ijikk, contains mysterious artifact which is actually stasis cube containing pre-Cataclysm Leska pair.
Shyazi nomads – III-314

Silver Tree Inn – III-562, inn on Jalna, owned by Mippik.
Sirroki – I-57, Sholan scout ship shot down by Valtegans, captain Garras, other crew survivors Kusac, Guynor, Mito, Vanna.
Skai (KH, m) – I-113, dark wavy hair, height approx 1.5 meters, member of human guerrillas, crew member on Eureka.
Skinner, Captain (KH, m) – I-120, leader of the human guerrillas, captain of Eureka, co-chairman of Terran/Sholan Council.
Sleeper – V-537, someone who volunteered to sleep in cryo for a set time against Shola’s need for special fighters. This has been done for 250 years now.

smoke den – II-30, aka smoke bar II-130.
Sonashi Pass – III-439
Sonashi village – III-209, destroyed by Fyak’s people
Songoh oasis – III-313
Sonjhi (S, f) – III-167

Soola Kayan (S, f, t) – II-366
Sorli (S, m, t) – II-279, Senior Tutor at Telepath Guild in Valsgarth, seems to be chief assistant to Master Esken, Promoted to Master of Guild in IV.
Spacer’s Haven – IV-590, Jalnian brothel to which Tesha was sold.
Special Operatives – Brotherhood members sent after rogue telepaths to Observe, Assess, Recruit or Destroy. Basically save them secretly in the Brotherhood if they can. Garras and Kaid were SO’s.
specism – IV-404, species prejudice.

specist – IV-403, one who is prejudiced against a species.
Stealth multipurpose fighter – II-85, type of Sholan spacecraft.
stim twig – II-293, Sholan equivalent of cigarette, an actual twig they chew.
Storyteller – IV-199, professional teller of Sholan myths and legends.
Storyteller’s Theater – II-292

Strick (J, m) – III-273, foreman of a spaceport work crew.
Striker – II-88, Sholan Stealth multipurpose stealth fighter.
Stronghold – II-250, see Dzahai Stronghold.
Sumaan – II-196, member of Alliance, mercenaries, tend to work for Chemerians, reptilian, tall (typically 6 feet at shoulder + 2 feet of sinuous neck + large crested head), nonretractable claws on hands and feet, hands have three fingers and opposable thumb, tail, nearly as thick as thorax carried off ground, earth brown skin, dwell partly underground, see into infrared.

Summer Bounty– III-178, Chemerian merchant ship belonging to Chijuu Liokso.
swamp dragon – I-159, Keissian swamp-dwelling carnivore.
Swarm Leader – II-326, Touiban rank.
sword-brother – IV-253, a warrior partner whom one swears a personal oath to; closer than lovers.
Szurtha – II-29, one of the two Sholan colony worlds destroyed by the Valtegans.


Taeo (S, f) – V-540, Brotherhood Sleeper at Haven.
taiban – V-89, U’Churian word for child.
Telepath Clans – , 17 of them. Chazoun, Arrazo, Kyusha, Nolguu, Kzaelan, Rhakula, Kaijan, Faezou, En’Shalla, Aldatan, Vailkoi, Rhasho, Mnyasu, Chekoi, Laasoi, Kayan, Rhaiduh.
Taiba (S, f) – II-395, AlRel student, friend of Taizia, tends to plumpness.
Taira Khebo (C, m) – II-197, Ambassador on Khalossa, kidnaps young mixed Leska paid under guise of rescue.

Taizia Aldatan (S, f, t) – II-311, second child of Konis and Rhyasha, sister to Kusac and Kitra, dark fur, pregnant by Meral III-115.
Tal (S, m, anc) – IV- 388, Jaisa’s young brother.
Talgo Vailkoi (S, m, t) – II-453, brother to Rala.
Tallis Vrenga (S, m, t) – III-4, Valtegan captive sold to Jalnians, probably Grade Three telepath.
Tamghi (S, m, t, ML) – IV- 469, Leska to Kora.

Taradain (J, m) – IV- 288, son to Lord Killian.
tarnach – IV- 582, guard animal on Jalna, wild ones hunt in packs, like dire-wolf.
Tarolyn (U, m) – IV- 639, Lord of Galrayin.
Tashkerra – I-40, domed Valtegan pleasure city on Keiss.
Tayangi (S, m) – III-241, Master of Civil Protectorate subguild.

Taykui forest – III-305
Tayn (S, m) – II-150
Taynar Arrazo (S, m, t, ML) – IV- 445, Leska to Kate, youngest son or Arrazo Clan Leader.
T’Chaku (S, f), Brotherhood Captain of Va’Khoi.
T’chelu– II-6, Sholan cruiser in fleet sent to Keiss to combat Valtegans.

T’Chebbi Kymai (S, f) – II-429, member of the Brotherhood of Vartra, smaller than average, gray eyes, longer than average tabby fur (brindled – III-31), long dark hair worn in a single braid with small neck braids at the sides, of Highland stock, possesses a strong sense of impending danger including the direction it will come from.

T’Chezo (S, f) – II-380, a dissident leader on Shola.
T’Chya (S, f, t), classmate of Kitra at Telepath Guild.
T’Chya (S, f, t) IV-507, Kaid’s mother.
Ted Meredith (KH, m) – I-42, two brothers – Alan and Bill.
TeLaxaud – IV- 554, alien race that helped build port on Jalna> Insectoid looking – bronze spindly bodies, large dual lensed eyes, mandible, floating draperies, communicate best with Cabbarans, use scent and sound to do this.

Telepath Clans – I-233, (may not be first reference).
Telepathic cultural transfer – I-234
Telepaths’ Guild – I-78, color purple.
Terney – I-130, planet on which Sholans and Chemer trade.
Terno (S, m, t) – II-76, Tutor on Khalossa.

Terran/Sholan Council – II-534, on Keiss.
Terry (EH, m, t) – III-243
Tesha Freyash (S, f) – III-4, Valtegan captive sold to Jalnians, communications specialist.
Teusi (S, m, t) – IV- 329, Noni’s attendant.
Tiernay (S, m, t, anc) – III-591, leader of Vartra’s group of student research assistants (consisting of him, Rezac, Zashou, Shanka, Nyaz, Jaisa).

Tirak (U, m) – IV- 444, Captain of Profit.
Tokui Mayasu (S, f, t) – III-255, title – Sister, priest, member of Sholan Goddess cult.
Touibans – II-35, alien race, trading partners with Sholans, high pitched voices, rapid movements, travel in groups (swarms), long thin clawed hands, long bodies, short limbs, pronounced brows, hair sparse, eyes small and set in dark skinned sockets, nose long thin flanged and edged with stiff hairs, wear bright to garish colors and loads of jewelry, brilliant with electronics and computers, communicate partly by scents.

Toueesut (T, m), Speaker for Touiban swarm working on Valsgarth estate.
Town Council – I-62
Tulla (S, f, t) – V-217, Guardian, lives in the Ghuulgul desert.
tree-rhudda – III-241, tree climbing rodent, used in curses (such as son of a tree-rhudda).
Tribal Leader – III-206

Truthsayers – I-211
Turna (J, m) – IV- 576, Jalnian Lord.
Tutors – II-22, Senior teachers in Guilds.
Tyam (S, m) – II-474


U’Churian Traders Council – IV-446
U’Churians –, one of the species trading on Jalna, physically similar to Sholans except for longer fur, lack of color variations on fur (all are dark), external genitals on males.


Vaidou (S, f) – III-232, member of Brotherhood of Vartra, fair fur, shoulder length amber hair; promoted to Ghyan’s aide.
Vailkoi Clan – III-234
Va’Khoi – V-415, Brotherhood flag ship, a recovered ancient 100,000 ton destroyer.
Valleytown – I-29, one of the human settlements on Keiss.
Valleytown Inn – I-38, inn owned by Peter Hamilton.

Valsgarth – II-70, Sholan town on east coast of major continent, home of main Telepath Guild House.
Valsgarth Estate – II-505, belongs to Kusac, established as home of mixed Leskas.
Valsgarth Medical Center – III-229
Valtegans – I-8, alien race, gray-green, lizardlike bipeds with nonretractable claws.

Vangan (S, m, anc) – III-694
Vanna Kyjishi (S, f, t, ML) – I-91, medic on Sirroki, coat light beige with darker banding on tail and around eyes and ears, eyes chartreuse, promoted to physician II-49, Leska Brynne Stevens, telepathy and Leska Link activated II-536.

Varos (S, m) – II-424, Warrior, teacher of energy weapons at Warriors Guild, very large, tan fur, green eyes.
Vartra (S, m, anc) – III-408, doctor and geneticist, tall, slimmer than most, dark tan pelt, narrow ears, plains born, not a telepath but able to mentally manipulate genes though not consciously until Carrie spots it and tells him, eventually deified.
Vartra – I-19, Sholan deity. Sacred to Warriors and telepaths, Warrior God who fights for peace, credited with saving the Sholans from the Cataclysm; his realm’s gate is 2 trees, wooden door between, triple carved spiral with blue white crystal in center.

Vartra’s Retreat – III-65
Varza – III-625, ancient Sholan warrior god.
Vek’ihk – II-6, Sumaan spaceship accompanying fleet sent to Keiss to combat Valtegans.
Vekki (S, f) – II-395, AlRel student, friend of Taizia.
Viaz (S, m, t, anc) – III-248, Mentor.

Vioshi (S, m) – II-603, Sub-Commander, Sholan co-chairman of Terran/Sholan Council.
Vizoen (S, m) – III-241, Master of Artificers Guild.
Voice of Vartra – II-554.title held by Ghyan as chief Priest of Temple of Vartra in Valsgarth.
Vrada (S, m) – IV-328, young male living at Ruth’s.
Vrail (S, m, t) – II-237, head of Alien Relations on Khalossa.

Vraiyou (S, m) – III-344, chief disciple to Fyak.
Vrall (S, m) – II-380, dissident on Shola.
Vray (S, m) – III-228
Vrazo (S, m, t) – II-391, young acolyte of Vartra at Valsgarth temple.
Vriji – II-6, Sholan cruiser in fleet sent to Keiss to combat Valtegans.

Vriuzu (S, m, t) – III-315, member of Brotherhood of Vartra, wild talent recruited and trained by Brotherhood after Esken ordered termination, strong sender, limited receiver.
Vroozoi (S, m) – II-6, Force Commander, commander of fleet sent to Keiss to combat Valtegans, ambitious and ruthless, based on Cheku.
Vrusa Estate – II-574, belonging to Vailkoi Clan.
Vryal (S, m) – V- 408, Forces soldier guarding Valsgarth estate.
Vusho (S, m, t) – III-228, member of Brotherhood of Vartra.

Vyaka (S, f, t) – III-178, stocky, average height, light gray fur with dark bands on tail and tipping ears, short dark hair, bright green eyes, member AlRel.
Vyaku (S, m) – III-241, Master of Communications Guild.
Va’Khoi, Brotherhood 100,000 ton destroyer, ancient Valtegan ship re-outfitted. Their flag ship.
Vaidou (S, f, t), promoted to Ghyan’s aide at the Shrine.


walk the Fire Margins – III-50, En’Shalla ritual, none have so far survived it.
Warrior Guild – II-86, color red, main Guild House in Nazule.
Warrior’s Tomb – IV- 427, At Vartra’s Retreat, tomb where sword-brother’s swear their oath.
Western Isles, the – IV- 157, Western continent of Shola.
Wilderness, the – II-296, artificial wilderness area on Khalossa.

Word of Kezule – III-88, one of Fyak’s titles as the Sun God’s prophet.
World Council – II-295, ruling body of Shola.
World Council – III-12
wrist communicator – I-175, combines functions of time, vid comm link, and data.
wrong-foot – IV- 277, put one off one’s stride, unsettle someone.


Yashui (S, f) – IV- 193, Kashini’s nurse.
Yaszho (S, m) – III-466, member of Brotherhood of Vartra, Lijou’s aide.
Yellow 2 alert – II-3


Zhaddu (S, m) Brotherhood member, Second to Captain Kheal, left in charge of Haven Outpost.
Zadoh (S, m) – III-258, Guild Master of Merchants Guild.
Zashou (S, f, t, L, anc) – III-221, pale amber fur, amber eyes, only named in this first appearance.
Zayshul (PV, f) – V-453, Valtegan female doctor who was head of Med Research on Kz’adul,Small one in gray robe.

Zhala (S, f) – III-395, cook for Carrie and Kusac in their main house on Valsgarth Estate.
Zhaya (S, m) – III-320, member of Brotherhood of Vartra, assistant to Ghezu.
Zhiko (S, f) – V-540, Brotherhood Sleeper at Haven.
Zhiloma (S, f) – III-458, Rrai’s mother.
Zhyaf (S, m, t, ML) – III-74, Interpreter from Rhyaki, dull and stodgy, Leska is Mara Ryan, killed by Kezule during his escape from captivity.

Zhy’edd (PV, m) – V-565, medical assistant to Chy’qui . Wore white over-robe.
Zsurtul (PV, m) – V-453, Prince, The Enlightened One, son of the Prime Emperor; Wore Gold over-robe, sandy colored hide.
Zsyzoi Rakula – II-524, Warrior.
Zyan (S, m) – II-10, Sub-Commander on Khalossa.
Zylisha (S, f, t, anc) – III-623, Zashou’s sister, life-bonds to Vartra.