Character Lists for Between Darkness and Light by on

Compiled by Marsha Jones.


Earth Human
Keissian Human
mixed Leska
Prime Valtegans
M’zull Valtegans
Ch’almuth Valtegans
offspring of mixed Leskas
ancient times
third member of Triad


Aizshuss (L,m) – Camarilla handler of Kzizysus
Aizshuss (L,m) – Camarilla member, friend of Shvosi
Alex (H,t,f,ML) – Leska to Rhyaz

Andy (H,m) – visiting Earth Human doctor
Annuur (C,m) – Captain of Watcher ship with Tirak and his U’Churians
Azwokkus (L,m) – probably Leader of Reformers but not stated. 🙂


Banner (S,m) – Kusac’s crew, Second in command


Carrie (H,t,f,ML,tri) – Leska to Kaid now, Triad partner to Kusac and Kaid, wife of Kusac
chaiu – Valtegan local anaesthetic which when combined with laoe makes Sholans very amenable (works like Pentothal truth serum)
Chazukk (VM,m) – Leader of 16 Prime bred M’zullians on Kij’ik

Cheelar (PV,m) – kid commando captured in coup by K’hedduk
Chiozo (VP,m) – kid commando who does some catering for Kezule
Chy’tu (VP,m) – Civilian screens operator on N’zishok etc.
Conner (H,t,m) – the Merlin’s real name when he goes to the Brotherhood on Shola


D’haalmu (VP,m) – kid commando on Kij’ik
Dhyshac (S,t,m) – son of Kaid and Kate, dark brown color, 10 yr old
Dzaou (S,m) – Brotherhood, Kusac’s crew, was a Sleeper

Dzaka (S,t,m,L) – Kitra’s Leska, Kaid’s son
Dziou (S,t,m) – acolyte youth of Ghyan’s at the Shrine on Kusac’s estate, 17 yr old


Emperor Cheu’koh (PV,m) – Prime Emperor, Prince Zsurtul’s father
Empress Zsh’eungee (VP,f) – Empress of Prime world, Prince Zsurtul’s mother

Empress Kszafas (V,t,f) – Valtegan Empress in newly discovered ancient history, responsible for breeding Valtegans into 3 castes, and for creating the Empire by conquering their allies


Fingoh (S,m) – Sholan Ambassador on Prime world


Gaerat Rhasho (S,t,m) – Sholan Ambassador to London
Garras (S,m) – bonded to Vanna, Estate Manager normally
Gaylla (S,t,f) – Kate & Taynar’s daughter , slightly backward, gray color, 10 yr old
Gelshuk (PV,m) – gene altered thug of K’hedduk’s

Ghidd’ah (VP,f) – Civilian medic and personal friend to Zayshul
Ghioass – TeLaxaudin world and home to main Camarilla Council
Ghyan (S,t,m) – Priest in Vartra’s Shrine on Kusac’s estate, Second to Lijou
Giyarishis (L,m) – resident on Kij’ik, works in Hydro level and with Zayshul in med lab


Hkairass (L,m) – main Isolationist party TeLaxaudin on Camarilla
Htomshu (L,f) – Moderate party TeLaxaudin on Camarilla


J’kayuk (PV,f) – Civilian, third Court female but no longer visited by Kezule
J’korrash (PV,f) – female kid commando escapee to Kij’ik
Jay (H,m) – visiting Earth doctor on Kusac’s estate, tries to chat up Carrie

Jayza (S,m) – Brotherhood, Kusac’s crew on Kij’ik
Jo (H,f,t,ML,tri) – Leska to Rezac, in Triad with Zayshul
Jurrel (S,m) – Brotherhood sword-brother of Banner


K’hedduk / Kheddar (PV,m) – Head of Directorate/his undercover name – is actually the M’zullian Emperor’s brother and a M’zull/Ch’almuthian half breed
Kaid (S,t,m,ML,tri) – Leska to Carrie now, sword-brother to Kusac, Triad partner to Carrie and Kusac

Kayikule (PV,m) – a General, Kezule’s commando son left to lead the other 80 on Prime world
Keeshu (Ch,m) – Ch’almuthian youth earlier, then later becomes a new recruit to Kezule’s military cadre on Kij’ik who is leading a unit practicing just before Hydroponic level fight at end of novel

keffa – Valtegan drink (hot? Cold?) Prefer it a hot drink
Kitra (S,t,f,L) – Dzaka’s Leska, Kusac’s sister of 15
Khadui (S,m) – Brotherhood, Kusac’s crew, was a Sleeper
Khassiss (L,f) – Moderate member of Camarilla
Khayla (S,m) – Kitra and Dzaka’s infant son

Khim (S,t,m) – acolyte of Ghyan at Shrine, 13 yr old
Khioz (VP,f) – Civilian, Lab assistant to Zayshul (reddish markings)
Kho’ikk (PV,m) – captured kid commando on Prime world
Kij’ik – name of Kezule’s Outpost.
Kiosh (VP,f) – Civilian female friend of Banner

Konis (S,t,m) – Clan Lord of al telepath Clans, Kusac’s father, Head of AlRel
korra – Sholan term of endearment to a daughter
korrai – Sholan term of endearment to a son (based on the Greek word, Marsha)
Kusac (S,t,m,tri) – Our Hero with feet of clay, sword-brother of Kaid, Carrie’s husband, Triad partner to Carrie and Kaid

Kushool (VP,f) – Civilian, sensor operator for N’zishok
Kuvaa (C,t,f) – seems to be most senior Cabbaran Camarilla member we have come across so far
kyiu – Valtegan main anaesthetic for surgery
Kzizysus (T,m) – TeLaxaudin doing medicine on Kusac’s estate


L’Seuli (S,t,m,L) – Commander and Leader of Haven & Brotherhood Priests there, Leska to Jiosha
L’Shoh – Sholan Liege of Hell – the Judge of souls in their underworld
La’shol – Valtegan fertility Goddess (obviously an ancient goddess not used in Kezule’s time)
laalgo level – slow heart rate, mind turned inward to assess physical injuries

laoe – Valtegan strong analgesic – see above
Lazaik (PV,f) – female civilian on Kij’ik, M’kou’s partner, she scent marks him at some point
Lijou (S,t,m) – Guild Master of Priesthood, do Guild Master of Brotherhood
Lirtosh (VP,m) – Civilian leader on Kij’ik

Liyak (Ch,f) – Ch’almuthian civilian female M’kou asks to drug Kusac for Kezule, and to remove scent marker
Lorish (VP,f) – Civilian, Banner’s lady friend/briefly lover
louz – Valtegan hot herbal drink, good for headaches & shock
Lufsuh (PV,m) – second-in-command of Inquisitors

Lweeu (C,f) – Engineering and weapons – mate of Annuur’s group
Lymuh (PV,f) – Civilian on Kij’ik Outpost


M’kou (VP,m) – the diplomat son, very like his father Kezule would have been if less brutal upbringing
M’szudoe (PV,m) – Prime Ambassador on Shola
M’yikku (VP,m) – male kid commando escapee from coup

M’zayash (ChV,t,f) – Ch’almuthian Matriarchal leader and powerful telepath
M’zayik – ancient ship Kezule has, cruiser class – met Kusac in end of last book
M’zikk (PV,m) – Head Inquisitor on Prime world
M’zynal (VP,m) – military, kid commando Security Chief, weapons

Maaz’ih (VP,m) – military, kid commando Navigation
maush – Valtegan drink first mentioned by Zsurtul in Nadir when he’s taken by Kaid to Haven in escape
Mayza (V,f) – Kezule & Zayshul’s infant daughter
Mazzu – the escaping kid commandos’ Patrol Cruise that brought them to Kij’ik


Na’qui (VP,f) – Civilian, Zayshul’s medic assistant (green markings)
Naacha (C,t,m) – mystic and telepath of Annuur’s sept
Nadouk (CH,m) – Ch’almuthian recruited Security guard who shoots Kusac
Nassad (S,m) – Brotherhood leader at Anchorage Outpost

Ngingoh (VP,m) – kid commando
Nisho (PV,f) – Civilian, one of the 3 Court ladies Kezule took to the Outpost
Noni (S,t,f) – the wild-card healer and all round good, grumpy girl
Nishon (ChV,m) – male at Ch’almuth spaceport

Noolgoi (PV,m) – military, kid commando, sensors
Nyan (S,t,m) – Kusac’s main house attendant (butler)


passageway – a fast transport not unlike a generated wormhole between Kij’ik and Ch’almuth and we think between Ch’almuth and M’zull. Device set into space station at Ch’almuth and on Outpost, allows unit taken from Zan’droshi to be used on N’zishok for fast trip to Ch’almuth.


Q’almo (VP,m) – military, kid commando, Zayshul’s bodyguard at one time, Security


Rhyaz (S,t,m,ML) – Guild Master of Brotherhood with Lijou, Leska to Alex
Rishu (S,f) – T’Chebbi & Kaid’s infant daughter Rezac (S,t,m,ML,tri) – originally Leska to Zayshul, now Leska to Jo, and in Triad with Zayshul, Kaid’s youthful father of 25 I think…


Schooma (VP,f) – Civilian computer operator on N’zishok
Shaalgo (ChV,m) – another at spaceport
Shamgar (S,m) – Brother at Prime Embassy as above
shan-Q’emgo’h – honorific Valtegan title meaning ‘of the family of’. Q’emgo’h is the name of Kezule’s Emperor and he was a relative of his. Like our surname.

Shartoh (VP,m) – military, kid commando, Engineering
Shaya (S,t,m) – acolyte of Ghyan’s at Shrine, 14 yr old
Shayal (U/S,f) – Jeran and Giyesh’s half-breed one-of daughter
Shaylor (S,t,m) – Taynar & Carrie’s cub, tan color, 10 yr old

Shekkul (PV,m) – one of K’hedduk’s gene altered thugs
Shezhul (VP,f) – military, kid commando.
Shi’Kui (S,m) – Brother attached to Sholan Embassy on Prime world – dies in coup
Shikoh (ChV,f) – Nishon’s wife

Shishu (PV,f) – Civilian, Kezule’s mistress and his main Court lady, also nursery nurse to the Prime children later
Shiya (VP,f) – kid commando, captured during coup, taken off to Kh’edduk’s harem
Shrulo (B,m) – Cabbaran acting as Kzizysus’ bodyguard on Kusac’s estate
Shumass (L,m) – Camarilla Isolationist

Shvosi (C,t,f) – handler of Annuur on Camarilla
Shyadd (PV,m) – Prime Counselor (meaning First) to Prime Emperor
Sokarr (C,m) – comms on Watcher ship, member of Annuur’s sept
Suatoo (T,f) – main female Touiban

Syppesh (U,f) – U’Churian Matriarch of the rryuk Clan and Grandmother to Giyesh


T’Chebbi (S,f) – Kaid’s Companion and Carrie’s bodyguard
Tanjo (S,m) – Brotherhood Instructor for Sleepers, currently looking after the 5 cubs at Haven
Throne of Light – Prime Emperor’s throne
Toueesut – Speaker of Touiban hive, owner of Couana

Tooshu – Touiban Mother warship looking like a Contact ship **may need to change that name, awful like one below**
Tuushu Station – Chemerian space station near their home world
Twuleat (T,f) – another female Touiban in the hive


Vanna (S,t,f,L,tri) – Doctor on Kusac’s estate, Garras’ mate, Leska to Brynne, Triad with Keeza, bonded to Garras
Vartra – God and general dogsbody for the Camarilla – for now.
Vasih (S,t,f) – Rezac & Kate’s daughter, light brown, 10 yr old
Vaygan (S,m) – Brother attached to Sholan Embassy on K’oish’ik, the Prime world


Yashui (S,t,f) – nurse to Kashini & other children
Yokidi (S,m) – Brother attached to Sholan Embassy on Prime world, dies in coup


Zan’droshi – Kezule’s ancient warship
Zarkil (VM,m) – one of 16 Prime M’zullians
Zaykkuh – (VP,m) – military, kid commando, Captain of N’zishok
Zh’adasho – Prime sister ship to Kz’adul, but needs to be named in last chapter

Zhaddi (S,t,m) – youth who helps in kitchen in Kusac’s villa
Zhaimiss (L,m) – Camarilla Isolationist
Zhala (S,t,f) – cook to Kusac, Carrie and Kaid in villa
Zhalmo – (VP,f) – kid commando, military, comms on Zan’droshi

Zhasho – Prime cruiser 2,000 ton, crew of 50
Zhookoh (PV,m) – Captain of Mazzu though not mentioned
Zoshur (PV,m) – Leader of gene altered Prime thugs of K’hedduk’s
Zsafar (PV,m) – kid commando escaped from Prime world coup (crew of 20 on Mazzu escaped)

Zsayal (S,t,m) – Rezac & Carrie’s cub, sandy color, 10 yr old
Zsurtul (PV,m) – Prince and Heir, called Enlightened One in ref to the throne
Zayshul (PV,t,f) – Doctor on Kij’ik and Kezule’s wife

Four ex slave races of Valtegan Empire

Hrana – 6 limbed centaurs, beaver tails, polar bear body shape, biologists who breed plants to take up metals so no need to mine them.
Mryans – Heavy set, gray leathery skins, ugly, argumentative

Vieshen – tall, thin, bird-like
Delmoi – can’t find description right now. 🙂

Characters Only Mentioned

Commander Chuz (S,m) – Combined Forces Sholan High Command rep
General Naika (S,m) – Ground Troops Sholan High Command rep
Commander Rhilgo (S,m) – Space navy Sholan High Command rep
General Raiban (S,f) – Leader of Military Intelligence and of the Sholan High Command

Khyan (S,t,m) – son of Sholan Ambassador to London and new Merlin
Tirak (U,m) – Captain of Watcher ship with Annuur
Sheeowl (U,f) – Tirak’s engineer
Manesh (U,m) – Tirak’s security, I think
Ghyakulla – Sholan Earth Goddess