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Shades of Gray Excerpt by on

CHAPTER 1 The Tushuu, Zhal-Arema, Month of Love 2nd day (March) A warning tone, followed by a burst of complex trilling speech through the conference suite’s comm, took Kaid’s attention away from the scaled holo image of the City of Light they were studying. Toueesut, leader of the Touibans quartered on Kusac’s estate, frowned, his… Read more »

Short Stories by on

Battle Magic First Published October 1998 ISBN: 0886778204 This anthology edited by Martin Greenberg and Larry Seagrif includes a short story of mine called The Jewel and the Demon.It’s set on the world of Jalna from the Sholan Alliance Series, but no Sholans in it, I’m afraid. A Janlnian Mage and a “small… Read more »

Stronghold Rising Excerpt by on

Stronghold, Zhal-S’Asha (Month of Approaching Darkness), 18th day, 1551 The door behind him opened and closed. Ignoring the soft footfall, he continued to stare out across the Dzahai Mountains. “I thought I’d find you here.” “If you’ve come to persuade me not to go, you’ll fail,” he said shortly, trying to contain the anger that… Read more »

Between Darkness and Light Excerpt by on

CHAPTER 1 The Venture II, Zhal-S’Asha 29th day (October) A message beacon at the rendezvous point, responding only to Kusac’s voice, had redirected them to new coordinates where the destroyer N’zishok was waiting for them. Captain Zaykkuh instructed them to dock the Venture 11 in the ship’s landing bay. As they made their approach, Kusac… Read more »

Sholan Alliance Series by on

Turning Point First Published December 1993 ISBN: 0886775752 When a human-colonized world falls under the sway of aliens who have already enslaved many another race, there is scant hope of salvation from far-distant Earth. Instead, their hopes rest upon an underground rebellion and the intervention of a team of cat-like aliens, one of… Read more »