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Circle’s End Excerpt by on

THE LEGEND OF THE ZSADHI “In the dawn of our people,” began J’korrash, “there was a time that stood out in our turbulent history for its peace and prosperity. Trade agreements were sealed, and marriages arranged. The lands of the Queen knew only plenty and prosperity, as did their neighbors. Down the river, trade boats… Read more »

Dark Nadir Excerpt by on

CHAPTER 1: DAY 1 Cryo, the long night without end, the cold from between the stars. Heartbeat and breathing decelerate as the chill gradually seeps deep into flesh and bones, robbing them of warmth, of movement. Thoughts slow, messages no longer being sent to limbs and organs as the mind pulls itself back, retreating from… Read more »

Razor’s Edge Excerpt by on

PROLOGUE Rezac lunged past the alien for the floor of the stasis cube base unit, trying to reach a pistol that lay there. The alien reached out and stopped him. No, don’t. He’ll have us killed before you reach it. You’re weak from being inside that cube. You both nearly died. Wait for now. Shocked… Read more »

Fire Margins Excerpt by on

PROLOGUE “Approaching the trading world now, General M’ezozakk,” said his navigator. “Inform Priest J’koshuk that his skills are needed,” said M’ezozakk, watching as the planet grew larger on the main view screen. “No need, General, I’m here,” said the priest, stepping out of the bridge access corridor. Behind him the door ground noisily as it… Read more »

Fortune’s Wheel Excerpt by on

Prologue Adjutant Myak pressed the chime on the outside of Commander Raguul’s private quarters and waited. He could have used the comm, but both he and the Commander preferred the personal touch.As the door slid open, he stifled a yawn, extending his claws to scratch vigorously behind his left ear. He’d get no more sleep… Read more »

Turning Point Excerpt by on

PRELUDE Carrie slept lightly, on the edge of wakefulness as always when Elise was working at Geshader, the Alien Pleasure City. Despite the sleeping pill and her sister’s mental block, vague images from Elise drifted through her sleeping mind, interweaving themselves with her dreams. Once more dwarfed by the size of her parents, she tossed… Read more »

Shades of Gray Excerpt by on

CHAPTER 1 The Tushuu, Zhal-Arema, Month of Love 2nd day (March) A warning tone, followed by a burst of complex trilling speech through the conference suite’s comm, took Kaid’s attention away from the scaled holo image of the City of Light they were studying. Toueesut, leader of the Touibans quartered on Kusac’s estate, frowned, his… Read more »

Short Stories by on

Battle Magic First Published October 1998 ISBN: 0886778204 This anthology edited by Martin Greenberg and Larry Seagrif includes a short story of mine called The Jewel and the Demon.It’s set on the world of Jalna from the Sholan Alliance Series, but no Sholans in it, I’m afraid. A Janlnian Mage and a “small… Read more »

Stronghold Rising Excerpt by on

Stronghold, Zhal-S’Asha (Month of Approaching Darkness), 18th day, 1551 The door behind him opened and closed. Ignoring the soft footfall, he continued to stare out across the Dzahai Mountains. “I thought I’d find you here.” “If you’ve come to persuade me not to go, you’ll fail,” he said shortly, trying to contain the anger that… Read more »

Between Darkness and Light Excerpt by on

CHAPTER 1 The Venture II, Zhal-S’Asha 29th day (October) A message beacon at the rendezvous point, responding only to Kusac’s voice, had redirected them to new coordinates where the destroyer N’zishok was waiting for them. Captain Zaykkuh instructed them to dock the Venture 11 in the ship’s landing bay. As they made their approach, Kusac… Read more »